This page is dedicated to videogen, a small and handy utility that generates XFree86 and/or fbset (Linux framebuffer device) Modelines which tell your video card what signals to send to your monitor. videogen is designed to provide the best refresh rate your hardware supports, but if you do not want to drive your monitor to the edge, you can now also specify the refresh rate you desire. As a new feature, videogen 0.30 and higher supports the non-free NVidia Linux driver compatibility option.

Theoretically videogen should compile on every platform that runs XFree86, has an ANSI C compiler and a GNU make utility. It has been successfully compiled by me on Linux and several other UN*X-like operating systems.

If you have trouble compiling it on some platform, or discover a bug, just email me and I'll try to help you. I want to make videogen as portable as possible.

videogen is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (Version 2).

Download the latest source distribution locally: videogen-0.33.tar.gz
Download the latest source distribution from sunsite: videogen-0.32.tar.gz

All files available locally (history of changes, older versions for fallback, checksums)

If you have found a bug, or just have a suggestion or question,
feel free to send an email to the author: Szabolcs Rumi

There are packages available for Debian GNU/Linux which you can find on all of the Debian mirrors, or you may try a package search at right here.

With Debian package issues you may contact the package maintainer: Matthias Urlichs